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“His competence as a designer and knowledge of manufacturing has been valuable to our team, but the thing that stands out most about Coby is his commitment to our user base. He is very comfortable in field research situations and is able to synthesize user interaction in a meaningful way and incorporating feedback into design directions. Even with a language barrier, he seems to be able to cultivate meaningful relationships with the design research subject. When it comes to design meetings, Coby is always pushing the hardest to make something that fits with the lifestyles of the users he has observed in the field.”

– Mouhsine Serar, CEO of Prakti Design


“He’s not just making stuff because it looks cool, he’s shaping experiences for people in public and private spaces. He takes a playful and focused approach to design problems, that results in unique solutions. He has an intuitive sense for what makes a delightful experience, and anyone who gets to work with him is one lucky duck.”

– Sarah Brin, Pier 9 Public Programs Manager


“When first meeting Coby you will be struck by his energy, curiosity and unadulterated enthusiasm. His willingness to leap wholly into a project, idea or design problem is what defines Coby as a designer and leader, setting him apart from many of his peers. His energy and drive to action are infectious and is not unusual to see others naturally drawn to whatever Coby is excited about or working on.“

– Alex Gilliam, Director of Public Workshop


“Tall, lanky and fearless, Coby Unger rarely hesitates to get his hands dirty, in fact, he prefers machine grease and saw dust over the leading daily moisturizer. This self-motivated Rhode Island native combines his Design and Engineering course work at Philadelphia University with various independent and professional design projects. Designing and making are as much a part of him as his optimistic attitude and mild obsession with home made pumpkin pie.”

– Andrew Mau, Designer at Studio Dunn


“Coby is a serious and dedicated educator. He developed an excellent curriculum for The Franklin Institute that taught kids about material properties and composites while remaining focused on the mission of the program and of the Institute as a whole: ‘To inspire a passion for learning about science and technology.’ “

– Luke Van Meter, Educational Program Manager at The Franklin Institute


“If I had received this work from world class professional designers it would have exceeded my expectations.”

– Maurice Kanbar, Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor and Philanthropist


“He approaches each lesson, question, activity and problem as an opportunity for him to improve the human condition. As important, he understands how teams collaborate to leverage knowledge and more efficiently and effectively solve problems. I am thrilled to offer my unqualified recommendation of Coby Unger.”

– Stephen Spinelli, President of Philadelphia University



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[email protected]  :  401 578 8823