cLove and Happiness is a collaboration project between Coby Unger and Sadie Woolf. We love garlic and we love playing in the dirt. Pretty much everything in this world worth eating (except crème brûlée and chocolate) has garlic in it. We are excited to bring delicious garlic and other garlic-based products to your table.

Work truck/ play truck.
And no, that’s not a flower crown. It’s a garlic crown with flowers.
With a little help from our friends, we planted seed for nearly 2500 heads of garlic for our first season in 2021
The first head pulled from our 2022 patch! Still needs some more time to fully develop.
Isn’t garlic just beautiful‽ Sadie learned from expert garlic grower Betsy of Laughing Crow Farm out in Washington.
A few dried flowers make it even better.

The garlic babies are growing up so fast! But still slower than most crops, so it teaches us to take time and embraces the slow pace of things.

This might just be the handful of garlic from a few years back that got Coby hooked.

Hard neck garlic is hard to braid, but it still looks damn good with dried flowers.
Our garlic patch is tucked between the pear and plum orchards at Old Earth Orchards in Taunton MA. Thanks to their generosity, we have a steady supply of cranberry leaves for mulching.